Career Opportunities

We are always looking for talented students and a few exceptional managers for current openings, and we will also try to develop or find projects to better match applicants’ career goals with industry needs.  You can apply by emailing us at – you can attach a resume but we understand it might be a bit short so you can tell us a little more about yourself in the email.

Working with TalentBridge, students can expect:

  • Serious work, part-time schedule:  Our approach (training plus skilled managers) allows us to work on much more meaningful projects than what you would find in a typical internship, and creates a benefit from the use of multiple people working part time rather than one full time person.
  • Paid ongoing training:  In addition to paid employee and project specific training, we offer additional paid training hours for the entire time you work with us.  With a combined ‘study it – practice it’ approach you will have the opportunity to manage others for best results, work in a team environment, learn how to use your strengths and develop your talents, and gain more knowledge about any area of running a business in general and/or as relevant to your interests and career choice.
  • Fun work environment:  We have a very strong belief that work doesn’t have to be dreadful, especially if the right people are matched with the right jobs, trained properly, given the necessary tools and managed by really good managers.
  • Flexible schedule:  Your primary job is to excel as a student.  Where possible we try to work around class schedules and enable trading of shifts as needed.  We will also try to develop projects that allow for off hour or weekend work, like international chat response, data entry, software coding, internet research, blogging, etc.
  • Work for all careers and personalities:  While many projects require an outgoing communication style, we know that a tremendous amount of talent resides with people who are not extroverts.  We recognize that in all aspects of our company from the way we hire to job matching, and we support it with the correct supervision skills and performance evaluation methods.
  • Broad experience:  Since our customers are in a wide variety of industries and projects can span many different job functions, you can get a wider exposure to new and interesting learning experiences.
  • Better pay:  All this and more money?  By finding your strengths and talents, adding in relevant training and matching that with specific employer needs, your services can become more valuable over time.  Our objective is to help make that happen as part of our overall social benefit.

TalentBridge L3C Is An Equal Opportunity Employer

The company does not permit or practice discrimination on the basis of race, ethnic or national origin, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, language, educational background or veteran status.