Current Range Of Services

  • Inbound/outbound contact center:
    • Voice - email - chat - social media.
  • Sales and marketing process support:
    • Decision maker identification.
    • Lead generation, pre-qualification, nurturing.
    • List cleanup, tracking job changes.
  • Surveys, competitive intelligence.
  • Customer service & support.
  • Field and event marketing, event invitation.

Future Talent To Be Added

Although we are only offering sales and marketing support services at the present time, we plan to expand into other areas of skills shortage including:

  • Networking, software, coding and other IT positions.
  • Digital design services for graphics, web & video production.
  • Advanced manufacturing (composites, 3D printing), rapid prototyping, robotics.
  • Intelligent buildings and infrastructure, green building and design (LEED).
  • Other high-skilled sectors such as biotech and healthcare, based on employer demand.